A significant portion of my work as a writer focuses on the fields of culture and journalism. I specialized in this area during my studies – a BA in Audiovisual Communication and an MA in History of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture – as well as my professional career.

Besides writing, I do copyediting, art and film criticism, creative writing, copywriting, and search engine optimization (SEO). I am also comfortable using programs like Photoshop, Juxtapose, StoryMap and Canva to create visually attractive, multimedia-rich articles. You can see more information on my LinkedIn profile.

Some of my creations have been published by well-known media outlets, like this interactive map that the Huffington Post published.

To request my fees for these services, simply contact me.

See below some examples of articles about art, published on various platforms (the Spanish version contains more examples).


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Art Bites Madrid
(coming out soon)
Art Bites Paris
(coming out soon)
Art Bites Amsterdam
(coming out soon)
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 17.56.12 greippi simpsonguarded1989
To Work or Not To Work Text in the Visual Arts: from Nothing to Everything Womanism and Identity / Lorna Simpson