Since a very young age, writing literature has been an important part of my life. I have won literary contests and, in addition to various online and group publications, I have published Saudade (Franz, 2017), a collection of short stories playing on the theme of untranslatable words, and Kawara (Franz, 2021), a treatise about the work of Japanese artist On Kawara as part of a broader analysis of the use of text in art throughout history.

Out of the shelter-in-place caused by COVID-19 grew the series Love in the Times of the Coronavirus, an ongoing literary project that shows pandemic experiences of people around the world. The stories that make up this collection are regularly published on this website with dreams of a future in paper.

I am involved in literature in other ways, as well, focusing on its relationship with images, orchestrating activist performances, being part of flash-fiction collectives like Minificcionistas Pandémicos (see video below) and REM (Red de Escritoras Microficcionistas), and leading several book groups.

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